I’m a 87-year-old marathon runner and it's all thanks to one green smoothie I drink every morning 


Laura Sonders

Senior Editor | Better Health Org

To most people, Harold Oden is just a old man who loves to run, but his story entails much more than running... 

Harold is a man who beat heart disease, cancer, arthritis, and 2 strokes! And he now runs marathons at the age of 87!

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"People who don't know my story think I'm able to run marathons because of great genetics, but they don't know I was plagued with serious health problems until I adopted my new morning routine."

Harold discovered this morning routine from a renowned holistic doctor from Japan. This doctor told Harold to take a Japanese superfood every monring to nourish and detoxify his body.

This superfood is packed with every essential vitamin and mineral our bodies crave...

And Harold swears that once he added this superfood to his morning smoothie,his health problems "disappeared". 

But before you discover this powerful Japanese superfood, its important to understand the 2 major causes of almost every health problem we face...

#1. Lack of Nutrients


Its no surprise to hear we are more disease ridden than ever...

Despite advances in science and technology...Heart Disease, Cancer, Alzheimer's, Diabetes, and Arthritis are at an all time high. But why? 

Many doctors agree that a lack of nutrients is one of the biggest reasons. Think about it this way...

An orange from the 1950’s was full of vitamin A - precious for our sight and our immune defenses. But to get that same amount of vitamin A, you would have to eat 21 of today's organges!

Thanks to things like pollution, pesticides, tainted soil, and water full of chemicals - our fruits and vegetables have been stripped of essential vitamins and minerals.

And to make things worse, most supplements you find in stores are of little value because our bodies struggle to absorb the nutrients in them. 

It's no question, our bodies are STARVING for more vitamins and minerals! And moutains of evidence show that when we are nutrient deficient, our cells age faster - causing inflammation and disease.

But that's not the only thing causing so much sickness....

#2. Dangerous Toxins


What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of toxins in our enviromentment?

You may think of plumes of smoke infiltrating the air or hundreds of gallons of oil being leaked into the ocean, and you’re certainly not wrong...

But the truth is, most of the toxins into our environment are much sneakier and less obvious than you might think...

Things like scented candles, beauty products, water from plastic bottles, cleaning products, and cookware all sneak dagnerous toxins and heavy metals into our bodies. 

And there's no way we can avoid it. That's why millions of Americans are sick and aging faster than ever.

So what can you do? 

This Japanese Superfood Replenishes AND Detoxifies Your Body 


Before Harold was able to run marathons at 87 - he was plagued with illness...

Until the holistic doctor introduced him to Chlorella - a Japanese superfoood packed with an abundance of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

This doctor couldn't stress how much Chlorella would help Harold and his health. And he was right. But it wasn't just a lucky guess... 

Chlorella is the supplement that saved the Japanese people after getting bombed in World War 2. Their country was destroyed, they had little food, and their bodies needed detoxifying from the all the radiation.

So the people consumed Chlorella everyday to keep their bodies nourished, despite having little food. The Chlorella even helped them flush out the toxins and heavy metals trapped in their bodies from the aftermath of the war.

Ever since that time, the Japanese have taken Chlorella to help

  • Lower inflamation
  • Boost Energy Levels
  • Eliminate Toxic Buildup
  • Improve Cardiovasular Health
  • And more

BUT WAIT! You MUST Know This To Get The Relief You’re Expecting…

The benefits of Chlorella are absolutely incredible. However that doesn’t mean all supplements with Chlorella are created equal…in fact, most supplements with Chlorella are a total waste of money.

Chlorella is protected by a special outerwall. And in order to fully benefit from all of Chlorella's vitamins and minerals you must pulverize the outer wall!

Unfortunately, 97% of chlorella products on the market do NOT pulverize the cell wall! Some of these products are:

• Heated: to burn up the cellwalls
• Frozen: to crack thewalls
• Chemically Treated: to attempt to dissolve the walls

But think about this...What happens when you overcook your vegetables? You lose most of the nutritional value!

And the same thing can happen to Chlorella with these inferior manufacturing practices! Plus, those treatments only partially penetrate the cell walls. Leaving most of the nutrients locked inside... 


Where You Can Find A Supplement With REAL High Quality Chlorella That Your Body Can Absorb

A company called HPLabs provides a supplement with high quality Chlorella. And they use technology to pulverize the cell wall so you can get the full benefits. Their special technique uses vibration to shatter the outer wall and preserve the nutrient contents inside.

This unqiue method of processing Chlorella is recommended by doctors and is proven to be more bioavilable than other methods.

Their supplement is called Chlorella Pure and its the same supplement Harold adds to his morning smoothie. 

HPLabs has over 10,000 5-star reviews and even offers a 90 day money back guarantee.

But that's not even the sweetest part...

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This is a very special deal that you don't want to miss. 

HPLabs normally sells their Chlorella Pure for $54.99 per bottle. And seniors gladly pay for it at that price. Because they know it's always quality over quantity when it comes to health.

And that's the standard HPLabs holds to their Chlorella Pure.

But the team at HPLabs also knows that millions of Americans are losing out on the amazing health benefits of taking Chlorella Pure... 

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And as you can imagine, these bottles are FLYING off the shelves as thousands of seniors are eager to feel the life changing benefits of Chlorella Pure. 

If you've gotten this far, you're probably just as eager to feel benefits like - more energy, better blood circulation, pain-free joints, clearer thinking, better digestion, and more...

So DON'T hesitate. And secure your bottle of Chlorella Pure for only $16.99 while it's still in stock! 


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