5 reasons why 100 Million people STILL suffer from chronic knee pain

Based on Classic Rehabilitation Inc, 100 million people report experiencing knee pain at some time or another” making it the second most common cause of chronic pain. Despite all the potential solutions, these people still didn’t get the relief they need. 

But WHY? 

Here are 5 mistakes people do that are holding them from getting substantial and consistent knee pain relief. 

1. Choosing untested products with no proof behind them

Many products claim to be the best solution for knee pain. Yet, they fail to provide the proof that backs up their claims. Since many people are desperate to find relief for their daily struggles, many marketers exploit this and prey on them with products that don’t work. 

The result for these shady businesses? Scandals! Here’s one: “FTC Returns Almost $775,000 to Consumers Who Purchased Deceptively Advertised Arthritis and Joint Pain Relief Supplement” 

2. Using one-time miracle fixes

Myth: Knee pain can be relieved once and for all with a one-time steroid injection.

Myth Buster: A steroid injection can only provide short-term relief. That makes it an inefficient and very expensive short-term strategy. 

Myth: Stem cells will rejuvenate my knees and fix my knee pain forever

Myth Buster: There’s no scientific evidence that stem cells actually rejuvenate knees or offer pain relief. People still pay around $8000 for this experimental treatment.

Not to mention the thousands of products that claim to have a new scientific formula. Snake oil! 

3. Thinking that surgery is the ultimate option

Myth: Surgery can take away all your knee pain.

Myth Buster: Surgery is rarely the solution for knee pain relief. While effective for some cases such as some types of meniscal and ligament tears (if the torn meniscus has created a locked joint), it’s far from being the solution with the widest applications. 

4. Just accepting it as part of aging 

This is a dangerous thought that many simply embrace. As you age, it’s more common that you’d be struggling with knee pain. However, It’s NOT the unescapable pain of aging. In fact, you can see at the end of this article the recommended solution that has been tried successfully by 100,000+ people. 

5. Using pain medication to treat knee pain

Pain killers like aspirin can be a very-short-term strategy to deal with knee pain. This only treats the symptoms and not the underlying cause.

Not to mention that these medications can actually cause many problems to your liver and kidney, weaken your immune system and cause many other effects such as nausea, dizziness, etc.

Also, just like drugs, you will develop tolerance to these drugs which means you’d need to take a higher dose to get the same effect. 

So, is there a reliable solution that has been tested successfully by thousands of people and that actually worked?

The answer is: Yes! 

See below our recommended solution.


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